Linda Rising

Other Topics

A Final Word About Stories
The last article in the Insights series for IEEE Software
IEEE Software, March/April 1014, 14-17

Chaordic Organizations
An introduction to chaordic organizations
The Software Practitioner, November-December 2013, 4-6 

Play Nice
Collaboration in teams
IEEE Software, September/October 2012, 7-10

Cradle to the Grave: we are happier when we're in control

We like control, in our lives and in our work.
The Software Practitioner, September-October 2012

Leave 'em Laughing
On the imporance of good endings, both in performance and on projects. For the GOTO Conference in Denmark, 2012.

Touching the Void

Not following the process is sometimes the right thing to do.
The Software Practitioner, January-February 2012

Consensus Decision-Making: Better Decisions in Less Time
Agile Record, April 2011.

Edison and the Phonograph
A lesson in customer understanding.
The Software Practitioner
, January-February 2011

Linda participated in a retrospective panel session on Peopleware at a recent conference

The Vasa
A disaster story with software analogies.
The Software Practitioner, January-February 2001

Software, Publishing, and the Bazaar
Managing System Development, January 1999, Vol. 19, No. 1.

Improving Quality and Productivity in Training
Co-authored with Jack Watson and based on successful study group experiences at AG Communication Systems.
Bell Labs Technical Journal, January-March 1998.

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